Summer Box

Summer Box

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All the goodies you'll need for the perfect summer! 

What's Included:
•2oz Mini Room Spray: Coastal Breeze
•(3) Lip Balms: Guava (Blush Tint), The Tropics (Natural Tint), Coconut (Blush Tint)
•4oz Tin Soy Candle: Citronella
•10oz Soy Candle: Watermelon
•Mini Match Book: 15-20 Matches 

Coastal Breeze:  Waves crashing on a rocky coastline - a clean and fresh oceanic fragrance. 
•Ozone •Citrus •Sea Salt •Jasmine •Violet •Cedar •Light Musk •Fresh Powder

Watermelon: Fresh, dripping, juicy watermelon after a long, hot summer's day.
•Honeydew Melon •Watermelon •Sugar

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