cozy cabin

cozy cabin
cozy cabin
cozy cabin

cozy cabin

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a warm and inviting autumn fragrance. crisp autumn foliage and roasting marshmallows create the perfect "cozy cabin" vibe without having to travel too far. cedar + amber blend nicely together to create the ideal woodland fragrance.

fir needles - clove - peppercorn - cedarwood - burnt marshmallows - patchouli - sandalwood - amber

• 1.7 oz round glass jar with silver atomizer spray and silver cap
• phthalate/paraben free fragrance oils

• Mist 2-3 spritz for fragrance that lasts for up to 8 hours. Alcohol scent will dissipate within seconds.
Be sure to store your perfume out of direct sunlight as this can speed up the oxidation rate of oils.

• Alcohol 39C (denatured (SD) alcohol commonly used in perfumes
• DEP (diethyl phthalate, non-toxic solvent commonly used in cosmetics and fragrances)  
• Benzyl Salicylate (A common and frequently used compound found in most cosmetics. Used to extend the life of the fragrance and as a UV light absorber)

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