Ocean Driftwood

Perfume Oil


An earthy, woodsy + fresh fragrance with a slight nautical edge. Lavender blended with masculine notes of cypress, cedar + amber give this fragrance a unique appeal. Lovers of lavender fragrances will be pleasantly surprised with this one.

Eucalyptus • Honeydew Melon • Greenery • Lavender • Sage • Cedar • Amber • Cypress • Sea Breeze

•10 ml glass bottle with clear roller ball and silver cap
•phthalate/paraben-free fragrance oils
•Simply apply oil to pulse points (wrists, neck) + gently massage into skin. Reapply and layer as needed.
•Be sure to store your perfume oil out of direct sunlight as this can speed up the oxidation rate of oils.

Grapeseed Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil, Sweet Almond Oil
(Skin loving oils that absorb easily into skin without leaving a greasy feeling.)

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