perfume mist sampler

perfume mist sampler
perfume mist sampler
perfume mist sampler
perfume mist sampler
perfume mist sampler
perfume mist sampler

perfume mist sampler

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  • handmade
  • biodegradable packing
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sample size perfumes to test out new fragrances before upgrading to the big guy!

see our core fragrances here

four new fragrances are joining the core collection October 3rd, 2022!
• Apricot Pear
• Midnight Poppy
• Warm + Cozy
• White Cashmere

• 6ml glass vial with white sprayer and clear cap
• phthalate/paraben free fragrance oils

• Mist 2-3 spritz for fragrance that lasts for up to 8 hours. Alcohol scent will dissipate within seconds.
Be sure to store your perfume out of direct sunlight as this can speed up the oxidation rate of oils.

• Alcohol 39C (denatured (SD) alcohol commonly used in perfumes
• DEP (diethyl phthalate, non-toxic solvent commonly used in cosmetics and fragrances)  
• Benzyl Salicylate (A common and frequently used compound found in most cosmetics. Used to extend the life of the fragrance and as a UV light absorber)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews

I purchased Peach Tea, Cactus Blooms, Lake Adventure, Summer Market, and Water Lilies. Peach tea is probably my favorite. Love the size and beautiful packaging! Peach Tea: exactly as described. Super fresh juicy peaches with fresh tea. Very pretty summer scent. Cactus Blooms: Really pretty scent. Very unique. In the air and in the bottle it smells amazing to me. Once it sits on my skin, it unfortunately turns into bug spray (this is just on me with my body chemistry). Lake Adventure: Very fresh! Leans a little masculine on me, but I still like it a lot. Summer Market: Fresh fruit! Smells like I rubbed fresh strawberries all over myself! Water Lilies: Fresh, floral, aquatic scent that is great for spring and summer!


I got three samples and they’re all great! Wanderer was definitely my favorite though.


This smells EXACTLY like sweet peach iced tea! I thought it would smell mostly of peach, but the tea note really comes through. Great packaging and I like the glass bottle and sprayer!


This fragrance is just wonderful. Cactus Blooms would be a great fragrance no matter the season. I can see wearing it in the winter (Chicago winter) as well as now (summer). It's floral, slightly sweet but fresh and dare I say powdery (which I do not like powder but THIS is magical). It has warmth too which is leads me to think it'll serve well in the winter. The warmth locks in all the floral sweet freshness. Don't be swayed when I say sweet, it is not gourmand sweet! I purchased 6 6ml sprays and this is my favorite of the bunch. I want an an oil based version of this for longevity. For me alas, the alcohol base lasts maybe an hour though I have not tried applying it fresh out of the shower yet (that may help). I keep this and the others I purchased on my desk (WFH) and spray them for a pick me up throughout the day


In an effort to be more eco-friendly, I have been on the hunt for beauty products (makeup to perfume) the past couple of years. I purchased four samples - Cactus Blooms, Water Lilies, Peach Tea, and Citrus Sunshine - and was pleasantly surprised. The quality of the perfumes were superb and elegant. I would be willing to sample more products from this shop in the future. #supportsmallbusiness

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