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Rose Petal + Lavender

Bath Salt Jar


Add some fun to your bath with our Rose Petal + Lavender soothing bath salt ♡ 

Our bath salt includes a body safe sudsing agent to leave your skin feeling extra soft and silky smooth. Rose Petals, Lavender buds and Elder flower buds are infused to give your bath the perfect aromatherapy needed after a long day. 

Infused with body safe fragrance: 
Bergamot • Orange • Pineapple • Jasmine • Lily • Iris • Vanilla • Patchouli • Amber


4oz Plastic jar with screw top lid
Sprinkle mixture into a warm bath + enjoy. Leaves your skin feeling silky smooth and moisturized.

Epsom Salt • SCI (sudsing agent) Rose Petals • Lavender Buds • Elder Flower Buds • Body Safe Fragrance Oil 

Epsom salt 
•Magnesium Sulfate: helps relax muscles and provide relief for sore muscles
•Can help stabilize mood and relieve stress, anxiety + depression
Magnesium is known to increase relaxation, reduce inflammation and aid in muscle and nerve function. Sulfate found in epsom salt is said to help with recovery and detoxification