under the stars

under the stars
under the stars
under the stars

under the stars

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cuddled in a warm + cozy blanket under a evening sky full of stars. the smell of a bonfire and gooey s'mores lingers from earlier while you enjoy the crisp evening and sweet smell of an autumn's night.

vanilla bean - almond - caramel - ginger - bay leaf - clove - cinnamon - leather - amber - tonka - smoky woods

• 4oz Glass bottle with silver screw top lid. 8 rattan reeds are included.
• Use all 8 reeds or remove 1-2 for a lighter fragrance.

• Diffusers will last 4-5 months. We recommend flipping the reeds every 1-2 weeks to ensure optimal fragrance throughout your space.


• Our Diffuser base is made with a blend of silicones and organic compounds to help release the fragrance into the air. 
• High quality, all natural rattan reeds harvested from Indonesia are used for the reed diffuser sticks.
• Non-toxic, paraben free + phthalate free fragrance is used to scent the diffuser base

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