What are your wicks made of?
Our wicks are made with cotton and are lead and zinc free.

Do you use artificial dye to color your candles?
No, our candle dye is all-natural concentrated liquid dye.

Are your fragrance oils harmful or contain any harmful ingredients?
No! Our fragrance oils are phthalate free

How do you re-purpose your jar after your candle has burned completely
Once your candle has been burned to ¼” of wax left on the bottom, remove the wax by throwing your candle in the freezer for 5-10 minutes. The wax should easily pop out of the jar along with the wick. Then, use warm or hot water with soap and gently wash the inside of your container. Leave upside down to dry out.  

Do you do custom/personalized or bulk orders?
Yes! Absolutely! Please use our contact us page to reach out to us on bulk orders or customized orders. We’d love to provide your wedding favors, party favors or custom birthday, anniversary or bridesmaids’ gifts. The options are endless 😊

Why is there black smoke coming from my lit candle?
Black smoke, or soot, is a direct result of the wick a candle is lit with. Many often mistake soot as a result of the type of wax, fragrance or dye used in a candle’s formation, however this is incorrect. When your wick is not kept trimmed to ¼” after each burn or if your candle is in a drafty place it can cause small puffs of smoke to escape from the wick causing soot. Please see our candle care section to see how you can avoid this.