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This fragrance is just wonderful. Cactus Blooms would be a great fragrance no matter the season. I can see wearing it in the winter (Chicago winter) as well as now (summer). It's floral, slightly sweet but fresh and dare I say powdery (which I do not like powder but THIS is magical). It has warmth too which is leads me to think it'll serve well in the winter. The warmth locks in all the floral sweet freshness. Don't be swayed when I say sweet, it is not gourmand sweet! I purchased 6 6ml sprays and this is my favorite of the bunch. I want an an oil based version of this for longevity. For me alas, the alcohol base lasts maybe an hour though I have not tried applying it fresh out of the shower yet (that may help). I keep this and the others I purchased on my desk (WFH) and spray them for a pick me up throughout the day

Arrived exactly as described, and it smells great!

I just love the color of the rose. It is so pretty, and this lip balm is so moisturizing.

Great scent! And shipping was quick too!

Fruity with a light powdery dry down!! It's perfect for summer, not too light and just smells so good!

Love it, great quality, lovely color. A little bigger than I expected, but great for what I need it for!

In LOVE with this scent!! Please never stop making it! It's so fresh but floral, and the perfect balance of not being too strong or too light. Absolutely love this!!!

In an effort to be more eco-friendly, I have been on the hunt for beauty products (makeup to perfume) the past couple of years. I purchased four samples - Cactus Blooms, Water Lilies, Peach Tea, and Citrus Sunshine - and was pleasantly surprised. The quality of the perfumes were superb and elegant. I would be willing to sample more products from this shop in the future. #supportsmallbusiness

the citrus sunshine perfume smells so good! and I love the eco friendly packaging!

Exactly what I was looking for in a summer scent! Cute bottle too 😊

amazing scent will be buying from this shop again!

Beautiful and delicate fragrance that is so perfect. 

Omg the Cactus Blooms scent is AMAZING!!! I will be ordering more ASAP! Please don't ever stop making it. My new favorite scent!!

My all time favorite perfume ever. I get so many compliments on this, and it is a combination of some of my favorite scents. Again, the packaging was done splendidly. I wear this scent practically every day, including spritzing it in the ends of my hair on non-hair washing days. Absolutely wonderful!

This is a really lovely summer-y fragrance!! When I first spray it in the air I get a looot of the fruity, juicy, strawberry/apple/pear notes. When I first spray it on my arm, I get lots of oak/greenery/grass. The dry-down (to my nose) is a really smooth, beautiful blend of both; a gorgeous green apple-y, almost shampoo-y note blended with fresh cut grass or maybe even a freshly trimmed oak tree. It quite literally does smell like walking around a small-town farmer's market in a park in the summer time. I ordered this scent in the rollerball as well because YUM 🥴😍 to say I'm in love would be an understatement!!

I am so impressed by these samples. I picked the sandalwood + rose, wanderer, and water lilies samples. Sandalwood + rose is my absolute favorite, it's such an elegant scent. Wanderer is a more masculine scent which I really appreciate and water lilies is what I would describe as a "pretty feeling" scent. I wore sandalwood + rose during my 8-hour shift yesterday and it lasted for the majority of my shift, despite my job being a physical one leading me to sweat quite a bit. I am absolutely going to buy from this store again in the near future.

This is my second purchase from her! I got the wander perfume last Christmas and this time I ordered summer market. It smells absolutely amazing! It’s so fresh and clean and smells like summertime. It honestly reminds me of walking around a farmers market!

water lilies

this smells so light and pretty! I feel so fresh and not over whelmed by it! A light summery scent!

I bought this big version to match the small roller ball version. I love that the perfume is handmade, natural, and eco-friendly. And it truly smells elegant & delicate! It is noticeable but not overpowering. It is just right. I love it! Packaged well to prevent leakage. It arrived in a timely manner as much as is feasible.

summer market

out of all of the scents that make up this perfume green apples and fresh greenery are the most prominent. it smells really good and the packaging is very nice quality. i’m excited to use this as my summer scent!

I love that the perfume is handmade, natural, and eco-friendly. And it truly smells elegant & delicate! I love it! Packaged well to prevent leakage. It arrived in a timely manner as much as is feasible.


I have ordered twice now from Haley and the Collective Harmony Co., and was happy both time! Shipping was fast, packaging is absolutely adorable, and the scents are amazing! I ordered from the winter collection the first time. I ordered Water Lilies, Wanderer, and some samples from the most current collection. Water Lillies is a lovely floral scent that isn’t overwhelmingly floral; the vanilla coming through nicely in the heat. Wanderer is a great unique scent that is rich and mysterious. The vetiver makes the scent interesting, the dark earth gives it depth, and the pepper gives it a little spice. The samples I got included Lake Adventure which filled me with nostalgia; memories of childhood spent at the lake. I have definitely found my new perform company, and am so excited to order more!

Absolutely beautiful work!

Amazing, Amazing, Amazing! I have been looking for a floral perfume that's not too strong, not too over-powering, and perfect just for me. I immediately fell in love with the first spray on my wrist, even my daughters love it. It's giving, light, crisp, divine, and feminine and I can't wait to try more scents. I am pleasantly surprised and so happy that the quality was beyond my expectations. The shipping was also very fast. Ordered on Monday and it was here this morning. 🪷 No more department store perfumes for me.

Absolutely beautiful scent for spring!