What exactly are Soy Candles

Soy wax is a healthy alternative to paraffin wax, which is what many store-bought candles are made from. Paraffin wax is made from petroleum oil and produces harmful by-products when burned. Our Candles are made with all-natural soy wax, which is derived from the oil of soybeans. Soy Candles create an all-natural, eco-friendly candle burning experience you can feel good about! We also use all - natural essential oils that are Phthalate Free and are derived from the best ingredients around. 

*No harmful toxins are emitted into the air when Soy candles are burned.

*Lower melting point of soy wax allows a longer and cleaner burn than when compared to other types of waxes.

*Soy Wax allows for scents to blend better with the soybean oil bringing you a stronger scent than other candle waxes.